Shek Decker

Chief Maintenance Officer of the Jeanne d'Arc


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Subspecies: Human
Mystic Path: Crafter
Mystic Order: 1

Total CP: 10
Spent CP: 1
Unspent CP: 9

Tags: Introvert, Focused, On the run, Nebis

Agility: 3
Awareness (F): 5

Physique: 2
Presence: 2

Toughness: 2
Tenacity: 4

Resilience: 2
Composure: 3
Spirit: 4

Karma: 4

Construction (P) (Boost 1): 2
Durability (P): 1
Interface (P): 2
Memory (P): 2
Perception (P): 1
Dexterity: 1
Shooting: 1
Stealth: 1
Healing: 1
Insight: 1


Shek was born on Haryan II, the heart of the Consortium. As with all those who awaken to the magic inside them in late childhood, Shek was taken for training. Training of course meaning indoctrination to the ways of the Consortium. How to view one’s powers. How to view others with powers, especially those not aligned with the Consortium. Being on the shy side, he spent most of his time in books on technology.

Years pass, Shek grew into a young man following the Mystic Path of Crafting. With these powers and skills, he could create objects out of mana, or equally break them down. Soon the Consortium assigned him to work at one of the Corps with the skills he was trained to use.

As time passed, Shek questioned the Consortium’s ways and ideology. The Consortium also discouraged certain academic pursuits. Restrictions on what to do, what to think, who to interact with, it all became too much. At a breaking point, Shek made up his mind to escape this comfortable yet controlled life for something else: freedom. Reaching out through dark webs and black markets, he found Shara, captain of the Jeanne d’Arc. A fitting name really. He arranged to trade his skills for passage out of Consortium space. Shara with the assistance of Calliope and Macha, Shek got to taste something he had not known for quite a long time: uncertainty. Uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring.

But hey, this would be the start of an amazing new chapter in his life. One he intends to make the most of.

Shek Decker

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