Illusionist and Entertainer


Subspecies: Synth
Mystic Path: Spellslinger
Mystic Order: 1
Planet of Origin: Sylvaar

Tags: Internal Storage (Body Modification)
Frightens Children
Nebis (Demonic Infection)

Physical Characteristics: Generic Synth Male- human-like appearance
Age 4
Average Height and Build
Internal Storage Body Modification (to allow foci for illusion spellslinging)


Like many Synths, Noxis’ was created to serve. As far as he recalls, his life began the day of his soul’s bonding with his biotech body. In the beginning, he was always curious, but it is not a tool’s place to question his master’s bidding.

Almost immediately after being purchased by the infamous Manager of the Bureau of Otherworldy Tourism, a Rae who’s agents are said to always be present where malaise and misfortune could be found, Noxis began his work as an Agent of Tourism, a provider of pleasure and recovery for those who require an escape from their suffering, a service that was considered quite noble.

That’s how his job was described at least, but in practice it was much more sinister. You see, as Agents of Tourism go Noxis was quite special; he had been programmed not just to provide an illusionary escape, but a means to interact with a person or character of interest to a client through the practice of shapeshifting. Sometimes, this was a truly kind act such as providing a means to say goodbye to a lost loved one, but more times than not it was to assist in a more sexual nature. To this day, Noxis cannot see a child without being reminded of how he was instructed to try and resist, to fight for his safety, only to be forced into submission.

What his handlers didn’t realize is that teaching a slave to fight only empowers it to do so, and fight Noxis did. One fateful day, Noxis’ handler was shocked by the sound of a client’s screams and burst into the room, only to be subjected to an illusion of horror that would frighten even the strongest of will: a demon. A prior client of Noxis was a fan of horror based fiction, and provided him with an illustration of what a demon was supposed to look like, so that he could provide entertainment during a dinner party. When Noxis asked if he might retain that illustration the client replied, “Of course, my friend. It is only through facing fear that we may overcome our own enslavement.” Noxis is unsure if this client knew what would happen afterward, but he hopes one day to repay him for his kindness.

After escaping from his handler, Noxis sneaked on board the first ship leaving the system he could find, and that happened to be the Jeanne D’Arc.


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