Macha (AKA Mother Macha)



Subspecies: Elf
Mystic Path: Peacekeeper
Mystic Order: 1


Macha grew up in a small tight knit eleven community made up of a handful of families. It was a community of modestly respectable means that kept mostly to itself. (I kind of picture it as one or two apartment blocks and a few houses and some shops in a little neighborhood made up primarily of elves. Maybe a few dwarves, rae and other subspecies.) For Macha it is a childhood of music, dance, stories and community warmth through all the struggles and joys of life.

When Macha was in her early 20s the community was attacked and the children kidnapped. Macha determined not to let the outlaws get away with it and thus condemning the children to an unimaginable fate. In the process of hunting down the outlaws she joined up with a rival group of outlaws and convinced them to help her rescue the children and return them home.

This first adventure out into the unknown opened Macha’s eyes to what was going on out in the wider universe. After returning the children home Macha decides that there is much more good that she can do, so she stays with the outlaw crew and continues to save more lives from a fate of slavery and exploitation, among other things.

For about 100 years she kept fighting, exploring, and trying to do the right thing. Particularly in the early days and occasionally even after that there were definitely times when she didn’t make the right call, or got tricked or betrayed by those who asked for her aid. Despite the losses, the betrayals, the occasional incarceration, the successes made things worth it. Over that century she became the glue for her shifting and roving band, for time and injury kept her crew in a state of what seemed like perpetual flux and change, becoming a charismatic leader with a good deal of worldly wisdom and maternal compassion, earning her the nickname, “Mother”.

After a particularly bitter betrayal by the pilot of her last ship, Macha left the outlaw life behind and returned home. Back again in the community where she grew up she spent her time mostly sharing her stories and wisdom with the younger generation, trying to ensure that they would grow up wise and ready to face the troubles of the wider universe. When she wasn’t teaching Macha spent a lot of her time in contemplation and reflection.

This peaceful and restful existence was sufficient for a time, but eventually the desire to get back out there and keep fighting began to crawl back into her heart.

Macha (AKA Mother Macha)

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