Voyage of the Jeanne d'Arc

Interlude: After Mars

Taken from the personal logs of Chief Maintenance Officer Shek Decker

508 CT – 05 – 25
Late Night / Early Morning

After meeting with Mr. Johnson on Mars, Macha came to me. She expressed great concern about Calliope. This demon infection can be spread by words. This puts us all at risk. She asked me to construct a REDACTED

I can tell Macha cares greatly for Calliope. Macha wants to protect us as well as keep the rest of the crew safe. I trust them both after helping me escape my life in the Consortium. Although, to be honest, I am not as optimistic as Macha. REDACTED

Macha asked for this to be between us. I told her that the captain must approve all ship modifications of this scale. I agreed to ask the captain for permission to improve our brig, and no more. This way, I will be able to meet both Macha’s request for discretion and my need to be on the captain’s good side.

While dining with the crew, I mentioned to Shara that Macha had raised concerns about the ship’s security. I had some ideas and with the captain’s approval, I could easily upgrade our security. Shara agreed. The plans go forward. I will begin designing immediately. When we have time to stop for supplies, I will begin construction.

While preparing to travel to the Nim system, I began drafting the plans to upgrade the brig.

Macha’s requests are going well. But what else can be done? I began frantically thinking up ideas to better protect us all.

I think I got it. I will build Macha’s new brig. What I will not mention to her or anyone at this point REDACTED. I hope she will forgive me.

I must prepare for bed. It is quite late and we will be heading into Nim space soon. We must be quick and precise in this system. I must be on my best ability.


treorai algizsage

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