Mars has long been thought of as a viable alternative to Earth for human habitation.  However, early attempts to terraform the planet were disastrous.  There is evidence that Mars had a healthy atmosphere before the Great Netherwar, but now it is ravaged and poisonous.

Even with the toxic atmosphere, the Protectorate has been offering land grants for anyone willing to colonize the planet, and settlements have been cropping up in the equatorial region of the planet.  Hundreds of small orbiting stations, housing anywhere from a handful to several thousand people, circle the planet.

The colonization efforts do not sit well with the native population, mostly Shanrazi, who live in cities built far underground.  The settlers frequently clash with the native Shanrazi, and hiring thugs and mercenaries to fight for them is common.

The astral field of Mars reads as dry and stale to Mystics, akin to a vault of moldy parchment.  Everything in astral space appears to be cast in an orange hue.  The spiritual flora and fauna is sparse, consisting mostly of earth spirits that crawl or burrow.  Local spirits of mountains, canyons, and rocks are common.  These spirits are wise beyond reckoning, having memories that span countless centuries.  It is said that the Shanrazi Conjurers consult with these spirits to obtain great wisdom, and can recite the Names of each and every pebble, boulder, and outcropping, and greet each with reverence when they meet.


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