Voyage of the Jeanne d'Arc


The Adventure Begins

Excerpt from Macha's journal.

The action began in the ship's mess, when we suddenly discovered a Synth named Noxis making lunch. No idea where he came from, but he's not half bad. Captain Shara seemed a bit over excited about it, but she's just a child. We traveled to a Shanrazi city on Mars to meet with a fixer named Razza.  I always enjoy being on Mars, it has a rather ancient and musty feel to it.

Razza seems fairly trustworthy, as far as a fixer can be trusted.  Smartly dressed, no nonsense. The Thirsty Canary (the bar where we met her) had a very strange drink made from some sort of magic fungus. It was unusual, to be generous, though it seems like Shek didn't take to it to well. It was nothing Calliope couldn't fix.

Our job is to retrieve an object for a Mr. Johnson from a decommissioned facility.  Should we accept we will meet him tomorrow at 10 pm at the Jaba Hut. (Where do they get these puns?)

We went out separate ways for a while, I went to a local orphanage to tell stories and spend time with the children. I know that Calliope had a nice 'wife gig' for the evening, I hope she'll find it entertaining. (I can't lie, I do worry a tiny bit, sometimes you can never be sure who these clients really are.)

The secret codes that kids use these days, "a large ginger caramel with an extra shot of espresso and three shots of watermelon syrup." What ever happened to something more simple like asking for more waters than the table occupants need?

Anyway, we met with Mr. Johnson, a Haryani man, very wealthy by the look of him, gave us the details. The base is on Metis, a moon in the Hephestus sub-system. The planet itself is uninhabited, the old Consortium base is located near the south pole. There's the possibility of some sort of secret project in a room blacked out on the map. Our mission is to bring what ever that is back to him, we're welcome to keep what ever else we find. The base was abandoned 30 – 40 years ago so security should be very lax. I've been entrusted with the com link to contact him when we return.

During our trip we managed to gather some salvage for the ship.

Metis is pretty much a dead rock. We found the base, and it had electricity, a weak artificial field, and life support is still intact.  The base is located by the south pole. 

The entrance is huge, the holographic rock disguise is rather clever. Thankfully, Shek is very competent with computers, he gets us through the gate in no time. The first thing we encounter off the elevator is a decontamination room. So far nothing too concerning.

Massive computer lab was the first real thing of substance that we discovered.  It's odd, there is trash and debris, but no real personal effects. Maybe they left quickly or didn't stay long. Shek wants to download the data and our esteemed pilot wants to salvage the computers. There is wisdom in that and we don't have a need to hurry.

Things were going smoothly until the data download went wrong. There were some drones, but we thankfully we came out of that mostly unscathed and with the system hacked we are now registered as personnel.  (Thank goodness, Shek says there are 30 of them more on the network, even if only 5 appear functional….)

The next thing we stumble across is a bio lab with nothing really worthwhile in it other than some old medical equipment.  The barracks though was a whole other matter. It was horrifying, and someone wrote on the wall "He is coming" (what ever that means).

Again the security systems are no match for Shek. It really makes me wonder if the Consortium is as good as they claim to be.  There's a lot of arcanium here. The secret room has a massive arcanium door, magic cannot see inside. 

What we found was deceptive, a solid arcanium crate (well there was a tiny bit of wood in it) and a computer. The only thing on the computer says "He is coming," over and over. (This can't end well).

We pack up and head back to Mars to meet up with Mr. Johnson. The drop off is at an abandoned factory, we're meeting at midnight. Mr. Johnson met us, complete with snipers (Great, I feel like this isn't going to end well). Inside the box is the name of a demon. I won't write its name here, it's too risky. Poor Calliope has been infected by it somehow. If I could kill that man, I would have. I pray I will still get the chance. Right now, I must do all I can to help her get better. Though I will speak with Shek about what we can do to protect her should the infection start to spread. She's a strong woman, but demons are insidious things….

Our next step is to head to the Nim system to find a Rasim Elchin, he's an expert in such things. Looks like I need a big hat. 



Great stuff! Love the holographic rock. I’ll have to copy that for one of my adventures. :)

Also – very nice character descriptions so far. Looking forward to following your adventures!

treorai treorai

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